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Juicy Gone Global?


The bohemian chic-ness and the worldly flair, I think I’m in love.

If I could only pick one thing out of this whole collage I threw together it’d be the elephant necklace on the left.

Ever since I saw the movie Ghost world, with that scene in the beginning where the Bollywood video tape is playing I’ve been obsessed with Indian culture.  Since then I’ve had a chance to go through a traditional Indian dance class, which was amazing. I’m so close to hunting down a Sari I can almost see the henna. Elephant’s have become one of my absolute favorite animals; Gentle giants.

I think I’ll go make some Spongebob macaroni now, even though my mom says mac and cheese from the box tastes awful. She’s just bitter because it was all I ate for like 4 years when I was little.




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Scent City


Okay, I thought i’d do a perfume post because I love, love, loveee perfumes. I like things that are light, with citrus and lemon grass or fruity. Not to big on the heavy florals…only on special occasions I s’pose.

So what do I wear practically every day? Clinique Happy. Mainly composed of Ruby-red grapefruit with a hint of spring mimosa and Hawaiian wedding flower it’s one of my all time favorites.

The farthest bottle to the left thats a champagne color is Dior’s J’Adore it was my mom’s favorite scent and so whenever I wear it I guess it reminds me of her. Lots of Mandarin orange with, Ivy, African Orchid, Damascus Plum, and Blackberry Musk notes.

The plaid bottle in the back is of course Burberry I thought it had a really light lemon-grass scent too it along with Italian Lime, Icy Pear, White Peony, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean.

The little red apple-like bottle down in front is DKNY‘s ‘Red delicious’, which smells like apples : ) an apple a day keeps the doctor away so endulge yourself in a little Donna?

And lastly the Vera Wang bottle of ‘Vera Wang’ I recently discovered this gem on my last visit to sephora. Probably the only true floral I have ever loved…the scent of lotus, iris, and white stephanotis with a touch of sheer musks and white woods, and precious floral nectar.

I think experimenting with fragrances is a lot of fun I have my own little collection of bottles at home that after a while you circulate through. Eventually revisiting those old scents that just load on nostalgia.



P.S. was anyone else just a little irritated that there wasn’t a new episode of Desperate Housewives on tonight?

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The Unknown


marni spring ’08

While rummaging through some of last years shows online I discovered Marni’s spring collection. And I can’t believe that I have never seen it before. The loose elbow length sleeves on some of these pieces are fantastic. These are just a few of my favorites of the whole show and I think if I could pick anything from the show it’d be that flowing tangerine colored skirt. The texture just looks incredible. For me the texture is what sells a garment. It drives my mother nuts, everytime were shopping I’m always feeling everything in the store. I’m the most picky with leather though. I like buttery soft leather, not stiff and structured something that looks broken in. I call it ‘Velveteen Rabbit Leather’

Didn’t see many pants in this collection lots of knee-length skirts and knee-length jumpsuits. Even though it’s blinding I can’t stop looking at the electric pink dress. I love the pair of orange and red marni heels the best and until now was completely unaware that marni had that signature shape in a flat. Is it just me or is it really hard shopping for flats? I spent four hours looking at flats and all the while getting overwhelmed by strappy sandals and suede ankle booties to even notice the whole 12 aisles of flats.


It’s past midnight, I’m tired. Goodnight.



P.S. Before I go I have to share a story from a couple years back. I was at the mall with an old friend of mine named Mariam, we were on our way to Nordstrom and these two really tall guys passed us. They were in white blazers, nice jeans, designer sunglasses the whole nine yards. But these were no ordinary guys. Besides being very attractive and clean-cut they stood out. So we tailed them through macy’s and finally just stopped them. We found out they were models. Imagine that.

Too enticed in their gorgeous eyes to think of anything intelligent to say we asked them how they got so tall and in thick Russian accents they told us. “We drink milk every day, and grow very tall.” Mariam is a bit of a shortie, 4′ 11” last time I checked. She told them that she didn’t really like milk, that she much preferred coffee and they smiled, laughed and told us coffee makes you grow short and left. Whats the hurry? I always end up remembering this brief exchange of words because…

I really, really hate milk. And coffee.

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Spring Break


via spiga

So, for those of us in Vancouver today is the first day of thats right! Sspring Break! Another thing to celebrate? Our district ran out of funding so I no longer have to sit through constant weeks of unnecessary WASL prep, yawn.

I don’t know about you but I spent my first day of break shopping. Shoe shopping in particular. As it turns out I’m in dire need of just some basic black leather ballet flats.

While digging through my mom’s closet I found these little beauties, VIA SPIGAS from not too long ago. We’d both forgotten all about them. Since my mom’s a size 7 and I’m a size 6 1/2 sometimes, when I’m lucky and the universe is in perfect alignment, some of her shoes will fit. I saw them and couldn’t help but smile they reminded me of vacation because I remember when she’d bring them on trips to California.

Enjoy your spring break while it lasts. I know I will.



oh and P.S.

In celebration of spring I decided to paint my toes coral. I’m wearing OPI’s conga-line coral part of the south beach collection.

congaline coral

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Tokidoki Time


I know i’ll be dragging out my tokidoki bag for spring, but what about you?

don’t have one?

Since it’s spring of course there are new bag shapes and prints so I thought i’d show you two of my favorite shapes in both of the new prints tokidoki’s come out with for this season. The Geo & Leo.

Nobody does bright crazy patterns like Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki.

The bag on the left is the Marina in Leo, a mini messenger bag with tons and tons of pockets! And the second on the right is the Regazza in Geo, a small cylindrical adorable bag with a magnetic closure on top. The magnetic closures is a new feature they’re starting to incorporate into Tokidoki. My bag has  a zipper closure which gets jammed frequently due to two things:

1) the parachute fabric that the bag’s made of


2) the fact that I’m always opening that bag in a hurry

So until next time kiddies,



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So weeks ago I was informed about mysterious and evidently elusive Harajuku Lovers stiletto . Thats right, heels!! So once I got home I scoped around the internet but sadly could find nothing, and eventually gave up. I’ve given them the nickname ‘Hara-Heels’.

After losing hope I’d forgotten about this supposed treasure weeks ago. Until this morning that is. A friend of mine called me after flipping through a fresh glossy that had a spread on the Hara-Heels. I scribbled down the address to find them (, go figure)…and finally saw them.

There are about 7 shoes total right now. Mainly 3 shoes with different color variations.  The two above are my favorite’s both shoes shown come in different colors. The pink wedge comes in beige with black with a stiletto version and that lovely yellow shoe comes in red with yellow glasses and a navy blue version with green glasses.




Look at the bottom of these! Wouldn’t you just feel absolutely guilty walking in them? I frankly just don’t have the conscience.

hara-bottomBut that could change.

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At Long Last


I’ve been on the hunt for a great leather jacket ever since I saw Angelina Jolie speed down the street on a motorcycle as Laura Croft.

We stopped in Bebe one day and at the back of the store I spotted this incredible motorcycle jacket. Buttery soft leather and zippers galore. One left and on sale.

While I dug for the tag I prayed to God that it was an extra-small and for once all of the stars were in just the right place. All accept for one of course, it was missing the neck strap. So the lovely manager shipped it the next day and it’s just arrived.

More later once I put this whole thing together,



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