So weeks ago I was informed about mysterious and evidently elusive Harajuku Lovers stiletto . Thats right, heels!! So once I got home I scoped around the internet but sadly could find nothing, and eventually gave up. I’ve given them the nickname ‘Hara-Heels’.

After losing hope I’d forgotten about this supposed treasure weeks ago. Until this morning that is. A friend of mine called me after flipping through a fresh glossy that had a spread on the Hara-Heels. I scribbled down the address to find them (heels.com, go figure)…and finally saw them.

There are about 7 shoes total right now. Mainly 3 shoes with different color variations.  The two above are my favorite’s both shoes shown come in different colors. The pink wedge comes in beige with black with a stiletto version and that lovely yellow shoe comes in red with yellow glasses and a navy blue version with green glasses.




Look at the bottom of these! Wouldn’t you just feel absolutely guilty walking in them? I frankly just don’t have the conscience.

hara-bottomBut that could change.

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