Tokidoki Time


I know i’ll be dragging out my tokidoki bag for spring, but what about you?

don’t have one?

Since it’s spring of course there are new bag shapes and prints so I thought i’d show you two of my favorite shapes in both of the new prints tokidoki’s come out with for this season. The Geo & Leo.

Nobody does bright crazy patterns like Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki.

The bag on the left is the Marina in Leo, a mini messenger bag with tons and tons of pockets! And the second on the right is the Regazza in Geo, a small cylindrical adorable bag with a magnetic closure on top. The magnetic closures is a new feature they’re starting to incorporate into Tokidoki. My bag has  a zipper closure which gets jammed frequently due to two things:

1) the parachute fabric that the bag’s made of


2) the fact that I’m always opening that bag in a hurry

So until next time kiddies,



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