Spring Break


via spiga

So, for those of us in Vancouver today is the first day of thats right! Sspring Break! Another thing to celebrate? Our district ran out of funding so I no longer have to sit through constant weeks of unnecessary WASL prep, yawn.

I don’t know about you but I spent my first day of break shopping. Shoe shopping in particular. As it turns out I’m in dire need of just some basic black leather ballet flats.

While digging through my mom’s closet I found these little beauties, VIA SPIGAS from not too long ago. We’d both forgotten all about them. Since my mom’s a size 7 and I’m a size 6 1/2 sometimes, when I’m lucky and the universe is in perfect alignment, some of her shoes will fit. I saw them and couldn’t help but smile they reminded me of vacation because I remember when she’d bring them on trips to California.

Enjoy your spring break while it lasts. I know I will.



oh and P.S.

In celebration of spring I decided to paint my toes coral. I’m wearing OPI’s conga-line coral part of the south beach collection.

congaline coral


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