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marni spring ’08

While rummaging through some of last years shows online I discovered Marni’s spring collection. And I can’t believe that I have never seen it before. The loose elbow length sleeves on some of these pieces are fantastic. These are just a few of my favorites of the whole show and I think if I could pick anything from the show it’d be that flowing tangerine colored skirt. The texture just looks incredible. For me the texture is what sells a garment. It drives my mother nuts, everytime were shopping I’m always feeling everything in the store. I’m the most picky with leather though. I like buttery soft leather, not stiff and structured something that looks broken in. I call it ‘Velveteen Rabbit Leather’

Didn’t see many pants in this collection lots of knee-length skirts and knee-length jumpsuits. Even though it’s blinding I can’t stop looking at the electric pink dress. I love the pair of orange and red marni heels the best and until now was completely unaware that marni had that signature shape in a flat. Is it just me or is it really hard shopping for flats? I spent four hours looking at flats and all the while getting overwhelmed by strappy sandals and suede ankle booties to even notice the whole 12 aisles of flats.


It’s past midnight, I’m tired. Goodnight.



P.S. Before I go I have to share a story from a couple years back. I was at the mall with an old friend of mine named Mariam, we were on our way to Nordstrom and these two really tall guys passed us. They were in white blazers, nice jeans, designer sunglasses the whole nine yards. But these were no ordinary guys. Besides being very attractive and clean-cut they stood out. So we tailed them through macy’s and finally just stopped them. We found out they were models. Imagine that.

Too enticed in their gorgeous eyes to think of anything intelligent to say we asked them how they got so tall and in thick Russian accents they told us. “We drink milk every day, and grow very tall.” Mariam is a bit of a shortie, 4′ 11” last time I checked. She told them that she didn’t really like milk, that she much preferred coffee and they smiled, laughed and told us coffee makes you grow short and left. Whats the hurry? I always end up remembering this brief exchange of words because…

I really, really hate milk. And coffee.


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