Juicy Gone Global?


The bohemian chic-ness and the worldly flair, I think I’m in love.

If I could only pick one thing out of this whole collage I threw together it’d be the elephant necklace on the left.

Ever since I saw the movie Ghost world, with that scene in the beginning where the Bollywood video tape is playing I’ve been obsessed with Indian culture.  Since then I’ve had a chance to go through a traditional Indian dance class, which was amazing. I’m so close to hunting down a Sari I can almost see the henna. Elephant’s have become one of my absolute favorite animals; Gentle giants.

I think I’ll go make some Spongebob macaroni now, even though my mom says mac and cheese from the box tastes awful. She’s just bitter because it was all I ate for like 4 years when I was little.




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