Così Spiacente

It means “so sorry” in Italian.

It’s been way to long kids, and for the last month I’ve felt like a part of me has been missing. With all of the stress, computer/internet failure, swine flu scare and all around laziness there hasn’t been much quality time between me and my blog. Midterms are over and so is school [almost] but I’m here to stay now, I promise.

I found this old Gemma Ward editorial from an old Italian Vogue the other day:

italian vogue

Crazy right? That bottom left picture, oh my god!

If I could I would definitely lounge around in gowns like this…but instead I’ve been in flannel short shorts and oversized Bucky the badger shirts all weekend drinking raspberry mochas [via Starbucks]; Exciting, I know.

In my downtime I’ve also been shopping a little, scored some awesome Lacoste booties that remind me a lot of DKNY’s semi-recent “sneaker heels” that hit the spring runway shows not to long ago. As well as a couple of other goodies that have yet to debut themselves on the blog but will make their way on eventually. Until next time wash your hands, get some vitamin water and Happy Mothers Day everyone.



P.S. for those who don’t know him, I give you Bucky the Badger.

bucky the badger…What a great mascot….


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