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Summer Days

tomato lipssss

j.crew blouse, Betsey Johnson necklace, Steve Madden sunglasses, Mexican sunhat, American Eagle shorts

Today’s weather was perfect. Sunny, but slightly brisk, still a little to hot while I was playing tennis this morning but comfortable short weather.

I opted for a red lipstick today, dunno why but it matched my shorts and the bow on my necklace pantone style.

betsey necklace

I scooped up this Betsey Johnson necklace shopping last week. The print in the heart reminds me of cows. =)

Is it just me? Or is there something about crisp white shirts and big floppy straw hats that just scream, Why yes I plan on lounging by the pool all day with my big Jackie O’


However, today was a sushi day nawt a pool day and Portland never disappoints when it comes to scrumptious little boats filled with spicy tuna rolls.

sushi boat yummerz

So, I hope everyone’s having a great summer, I know I am.



P.S .

jerry zoom

This is jerry my little 15 year old terrier.


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A Floral Bohemia

Vlada Roslyakova ( aka the girl with the perfect legs) stars in this Vogue Nippon editorial from last year.




I think what I love about this editorial so much is just the movement of these cothes and the variety of all the shots.

My absolute fav. is the second shot. I mean come awn that dress those shoes! Killer.

The spread reminded me of summer a little, mostly the last shot. Chunky but sexy sandal heels and a bright floral strapless dress.




Don’t be taking sunscreen for granted kids, this is the first time in forever i’ve burned and my face looks like a tomato.

I’ve been sleeping with a fan on my face and a sheet.

But it’s good to see the sun coming out, although it would be nice if it could find a cloud while I play tennis in the morning.

Oh well, it’s better than the nine months of rain that are approaching.

I was just informed that someone filled our mailbox with shaving cream……..don’t really know how to respond to that.

Bonne nuit a tous

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First Days of Summer

Well kidlets I just thought I’d let you know that so far my summers been great.

On the last day of school 30 or so of us got together and partied all night (I got to burn my math final) and the following day I got to start the summer off the right way. With shopping of course! It was nice and bright and sunny the whole day we were there!

It seemed like the whole mall was on sale.

I ended up scoring a great new pair of white and silver coach sneakers. Which I’ll be sharing with you soon!

Whenever I hear the rain I think of this Hermes ad from ’05

hermes fall winter 05 collage I saw this ad campaign while I was flipping through a really old issue of vogue yesterday.

(It was the september issue with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. The one issue of Vogue I can stand on and reach the top shelf with, hah. )

I hope everyone is having a FABulous summer,

I know I am,




Would someone puh-lease remind me to score a great headscarf like that?

def. on my summers endless shopping list.


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…hours till i’m officially on summer vaca

christian lacroix single

Bonjour kidlets.

I found this ancient Christian Lacroix couture show from waaaay back like ’03 or something haha. Seems like ever ago.

All of the rich colors, fur, and tulle…craziness. My favorite look of the show was the first picture on the left.

There’s just something so alluring to me about dresses, and skirts. Which is so funny because I probably own like one dress, maybe two but I have a whole dresser dedicated to jeans.

christian lacroix double

especially love alll of the crazy vibrant tights. Who doesn’t want smurf legs?

hah, on another note everytime someone mentions smurfs  (which you know, happens like every day ) I always think of the scene in Donnie Darko where they start arguing about Smurfette and how she was created…

My dad gets home from Europe tomorrow and I’m excited to see him. He’s been gone for a week and the house has been very quiet.

I’m off to bake cookies for a lovely lady friend of mine.




This is Frank, from Donnie Darko. Isn’t he cute?



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It’s been ages.

I am so sorry.

Lately finals, last minute projects and other dramatic scandals have overtaken my life, and with the new wonderful weather I’ve been wearing nothing but white t-shirts and cut-offs.

I have good news to report though.

I went shopping yesterday and finally bought a Juicy charm for my lonely bracelet. _5817356.jpgI was convinced, no unquestionably determined to buy that orange slice. But while at Nordstrom, I passed this little guy and couldn’t help myself. With green crystal eyes, he was a great late birthday present I am a may baby after all so why not have your birthstone hidden on a birthday charm.

There’s only 3 days of school left and with a best friend who is just as fashionable I’ll be hopefully sharing her amazing style with you too.

So for now I’m off to grab another skinny vanilla latté, and will be going back to work.

For those of you lucky kids already out of school, soak up the sun, go for a swim and always remember to bring Vogue with you.


signature monique


I felt like spoiling myself and am just such a sucker for nautical wear so I purchased the sailboat as well. I’ll put it on a lovely gold chain, just as soon as I find one.

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