It’s been ages.

I am so sorry.

Lately finals, last minute projects and other dramatic scandals have overtaken my life, and with the new wonderful weather I’ve been wearing nothing but white t-shirts and cut-offs.

I have good news to report though.

I went shopping yesterday and finally bought a Juicy charm for my lonely bracelet. _5817356.jpgI was convinced, no unquestionably determined to buy that orange slice. But while at Nordstrom, I passed this little guy and couldn’t help myself. With green crystal eyes, he was a great late birthday present I am a may baby after all so why not have your birthstone hidden on a birthday charm.

There’s only 3 days of school left and with a best friend who is just as fashionable I’ll be hopefully sharing her amazing style with you too.

So for now I’m off to grab another skinny vanilla latté, and will be going back to work.

For those of you lucky kids already out of school, soak up the sun, go for a swim and always remember to bring Vogue with you.


signature monique


I felt like spoiling myself and am just such a sucker for nautical wear so I purchased the sailboat as well. I’ll put it on a lovely gold chain, just as soon as I find one.

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  1. Derek, although that might work, I’m not intsereted to try that because as far as I’m concerned, sites should work with browsers without having to fake user agent strings. If they don’t, that’s a bug for the site administrator to fix, not the end user.gjph, looks like the bug has been opened in April. Personally I find it highly surprising that Microsoft haven’t worked out a solution in the last couple of months for this highly visible bug resulting in widespread poor user experience. It’s not as if the Firefox 3.0 betas have not been available for testing.

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