…hours till i’m officially on summer vaca

christian lacroix single

Bonjour kidlets.

I found this ancient Christian Lacroix couture show from waaaay back like ’03 or something haha. Seems like ever ago.

All of the rich colors, fur, and tulle…craziness. My favorite look of the show was the first picture on the left.

There’s just something so alluring to me about dresses, and skirts. Which is so funny because I probably own like one dress, maybe two but I have a whole dresser dedicated to jeans.

christian lacroix double

especially love alll of the crazy vibrant tights. Who doesn’t want smurf legs?

hah, on another note everytime someone mentions smurfs  (which you know, happens like every day ) I always think of the scene in Donnie Darko where they start arguing about Smurfette and how she was created…

My dad gets home from Europe tomorrow and I’m excited to see him. He’s been gone for a week and the house has been very quiet.

I’m off to bake cookies for a lovely lady friend of mine.




This is Frank, from Donnie Darko. Isn’t he cute?




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