First Days of Summer

Well kidlets I just thought I’d let you know that so far my summers been great.

On the last day of school 30 or so of us got together and partied all night (I got to burn my math final) and the following day I got to start the summer off the right way. With shopping of course! It was nice and bright and sunny the whole day we were there!

It seemed like the whole mall was on sale.

I ended up scoring a great new pair of white and silver coach sneakers. Which I’ll be sharing with you soon!

Whenever I hear the rain I think of this Hermes ad from ’05

hermes fall winter 05 collage I saw this ad campaign while I was flipping through a really old issue of vogue yesterday.

(It was the september issue with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. The one issue of Vogue I can stand on and reach the top shelf with, hah. )

I hope everyone is having a FABulous summer,

I know I am,




Would someone puh-lease remind me to score a great headscarf like that?

def. on my summers endless shopping list.



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