A Floral Bohemia

Vlada Roslyakova ( aka the girl with the perfect legs) stars in this Vogue Nippon editorial from last year.




I think what I love about this editorial so much is just the movement of these cothes and the variety of all the shots.

My absolute fav. is the second shot. I mean come awn that dress those shoes! Killer.

The spread reminded me of summer a little, mostly the last shot. Chunky but sexy sandal heels and a bright floral strapless dress.




Don’t be taking sunscreen for granted kids, this is the first time in forever i’ve burned and my face looks like a tomato.

I’ve been sleeping with a fan on my face and a sheet.

But it’s good to see the sun coming out, although it would be nice if it could find a cloud while I play tennis in the morning.

Oh well, it’s better than the nine months of rain that are approaching.

I was just informed that someone filled our mailbox with shaving cream……..don’t really know how to respond to that.

Bonne nuit a tous

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