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Saying Goodbye to July

Last day of July, and summer is dragggggging on. Not that it’s a bad thing…

sailor scarfVera Wang heels, D&G sunglasses, J.crew white button up, Vintage silk scarf, DIY suede skirt

basket heelsLove these! So comfy and the patent leather is my favorite shade blue.

Lately my usual french manicures been getting a little monotonous so today I decided to do something completely ridiculous.


tiger nails rawrI saw this girl who had her nails done up this way and I thought it’d be kinda fun.

I kind of just feel like renting all 6 seasons of sex and the city and sitting down with a case of pineapple soda some little danish gummies and watching it all.




oh! While I went to buy my bright neon orange polish  (Orlys orange punch) I bought some brick bred lipstick which i’m wearing. So excited, all I have is like bright primary red and it looks awful on me. I think brick is much more suiting. Unfortunately all I could get to was an Ulta and they don’t carry Clinique so the brand of lipstick I ended up buying is…studio gear? which I’ve never heard of the color is Autumn’s pretty I guess I’d recommend it?


Also, it smells like marshmallows! Which is somewhat of a bonus.


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I Can’t Help It!

What Color! Vogue Italia March 2005

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Model: Elise Crombez

what color collageHer legs go on forever. I know I just bought wedge heels the other day…but I very well may need to go out and buy more.

I soooo want that umbrella.

Fav. shot? 4 way tie between the first picture on the left, the beauty shot with the umbrella, the orange shot and the blue shot…the movement of the garments in those last two are incredible. I’m a sucker for flowy fabric shots!

Earlier this evening I discovered that Betsey’s new collections finally came out!

Sooooo I wanted to highlight the two biggest collections that happen to be my favorites.

The Love Jungle collection and the Fruit Station collection.

new betseys

The other collections that came out were smaller and the ones I weren’t particularly fond of, between the strange lines and ackward shades of leather the “Made in the Fade” Collection is a no-go.

I’m still totally on the fence with the “Tinker bow” collection. The other ‘mini’ collection I did really like was the “Cheetah Rose” line. Heres my favorite shape of the bags print:


And…the Fruit station collection is huge and also features three totes with fruit on the front

orange sliceSuper cute right?

Al List of all the new bag lines:

-Amazing lace

-Cheetah Rose    Ah-proved

-Fruit Station    Ah-proved

-Love Jungle    Ah-proved

-Made in the fade

-Patent Petals

and -Tinker bow

I’ve just been on a Betsey High lately.

I’m grilling up another round of Filét Mignon for tonight and am so excited.




Clinique just came out with the new Vitamin C lip smoothie.

clq_6T17_250.jpgThe two colors I like the best are:

Abosolute Acai



So visit your nearest Clinique counter and pick yourself up and bucketfull today!

Today’s mix wasn’t really anything accept Shakira to be honest haha.


I’m off to the airport to pick up my father.


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Seeing Red

It is currently 108 outside. The same as Phoenix yet cooler than Vegas….messed up? I think soooo.

I have to say I love this editorial. All the bright colors and palm trees.

Favorite shot has to be the second one down on the left. Those cowboy boots are great.

Kate Somers 1.jpgI want a yellow wall.

born to be wild collage

Sorry this is so brief, I haven’t been doing much of anything today. Havin another movie night.

Photographer: Horst Diekgerdes

And the lovely models name is: Kate Somers, I believe.





Some cute Nine West heels to enlighten your already sunny summer day?

And today’s mix.

todays mixLamb, Megadeth, and Kraftwerk.

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Thought I’d share some of the new Juicy stuff that has come out, and of course what better way to do it than with a collage!


It was 106 degrees outside today, possibly hotter? Personally I didn’t mind it. I just always find it funny during autumn when a lot of kids up here start complaining about how hot it is, when it’s like….78 degrees out?

I mean down in Phoenix you’d walk outside and it would be 120 and crazy humid. The air would be so thin and hot that it hurt to breathe and your lungs felt like they were going to explode when you did. Your skin would feel like it was going to bubble and melt off of your body, that is hot. So days like this when it’s a little over a hundred, make me feel like I’m back home in the spring time.

I pretty much did nothing, bought a new pair of silly Steve Madden wedges:

steve madden silly wedges

I’m still wearing OPI’s Conga-Line Coral on my toes, a fresh pedicure is definitely on the list tonight! and Jerry making his, second(?) debut on the blog.

I love these heels. They’re so much fun and much, much, much comfier than you’d expect for like a 5 inch wedge with a 2 inch platform on the toe.

We bought french green beans and some fresh filet mignon!

So some yummy cooking is in order tonight! Too bad Dad’s going to have to miss it. (He flew out to LA this morning….)



I know this has absolutely nu-thing to do with Juicy’s new line or L.A. or anything but I don’t know if anyone else has seen bebe’s new ad campaigns around?

bebe collage

I think they’re pretty fun. Love the elephant shot. Haha. I think I’ve decided that elephants are my favorite animal..

And for today’s mix

todays mix

The Ting Tings, Duffy, anddd Coldplay


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Addicted to Leather

I guess to stick with my spy movie  day I’d dress a little more….spyish? hah.

I haven’t worn this jacket in forever and today wasn’t the best day to debut it considering it’s like 97 degrees outside…

leather jacket

Bebe leather jacket, Lacoste booties, Burberry sunglasses, GAP tee, Anoname jeans

You know I have to say these boots are probably some of the comfiest heels I own. Aside from a pair of Pencil heel guess slingbacks.

We had our own little spy in our front yard today, Smoky our neighbors cat. He loves to hide in the lavender bushes.

smoky the cat

He’s a cute little cat. I’m in the mood for a smoothie. I think i’ll go make one.

Happy Monday





haha I totally forgot to mention the big Marc Jacobs tote I love carrying around when I wear this.

The bag itself is a total contrast to the leather and booties it’s just kind of bright and fun!

marcy marc

So spy on kidlets! Spy on…

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I Spy.

As of Lately all I’ve really wanted to do is sit down and watch old James Bond movies.

So while I go watch Goldmember I’ll leave you with this editorial.

I Spy, from Vogue Italia’s April issue this year.

anja-rubik-by-ellen-von-unwerthEllen von Unwerth was the photographer and our model for today is Anja  Rubik

FINAl collage

Sorry for such a lazy post. I’m off to rent more movies, But I”ll be back. I promise, cross my heart and hope to Spy.




Today’s Mix:

todays mix

The Supreme Beings of Leisure

The Gorillaz

And from the International spy museum Music To Spy By

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Coffee Run Anybody?

What I wore today,


Lucky brand blouse, Leather shoes from a boutique in salt lake, altered F21 skirt, Juicy charm on a chord from Fossil.


satin bowI scooped up these leather heels while visiting my Aunt in Salt Lake one Christmas. I wish I had pictures of the boutique!

It was kind of an eclectic/ethnic hole in the wall kind of place. Not something you’d expect in the heart of Salt Lake but a good find none the less.

When I posted my Juicy charm the other day I forgot to mention that the back looks like this.

juicy backHer Majesty Juicy Couture. Gotta love it. I know the guy who worked at Juicy did when I walked in with it around my neck the other day.

He’s just one of those fabulous and adorable gay guys, you just want to put in your pocket and take home.

Which reminds me, I finally took a picture of my Juicy bag in all of it’s veloury glory.

juicy bagg

SHOPWho doesn’t want a bag who’s inner pocket tells you to shop?!

juicy bag back

Well I haven’t eaten all day so I should probably grab something. I wonder if we have any yogurt….




Couldn’t forget the mix for today!

todays mixAimee Mann (who was awesome live!), Garbage, and Chris Botti.

Happy Saturday everybody.

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