Poppy For Your Thoughts?

coach collage 1

Coach’s new collection came out recently. Something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.
This line is supposed to be more affordable but what I love about it, is all of the color and sequins.

These are my top picks from the line, especially love the big flower necklace and little sea foam green patent leather bag.

I’m pretty sure a giant silver sequins bag should be mandatory.

We managed to survive the fourth of July alright, fireworks went on till around 12:30/1:00-ish.

I just got done watching The international and to be honest I had no idea what was going on the whole time other than the bank is bad?

coach bags2

I think a new coach bag might be in my future…

I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer and renting better movies than me.

I’m pretty sure I liked the pink panther 2 ( it was part of the fourth of july movie marathon we had yesterday) more than the international and I can’t stand steve martin.

Well I’m off to add to my already awful late night dinner of Fruitloops.





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