Casual Corner

I’m having one of those casual days  today.

cranberryCoach sneakers, Burberry sunglasses, american eagle jean mini, old navy cardigan vintage pin

coach sneakers

anchor pin

I picked up this little pin in an antique store a while back at the beach.

Todays been pretty chill, woke up late had lunch with a couple that will be writing for us soon, two MIT grads both with PHDs! Really, really nice people that we’ll hopefully be visiting back in Boston at some point. I’m heading to a Coldplay concert in half an hour but in the mean time I’m going to spend some quality time with my gameboy.




Wihle my cousins were visiting we took them into Portland and made a pit stop to Voodoo Doughnuts! I ordered the ‘Grape Ape’ which is a doughnut covered in grape cool-aid and my cousin got a reall ‘voodoo doughnut’ which looked like this


it had a raspberry filling!

We hung up some new kitchen art today from our favorite quirky gallery in Canon Beach called ‘Dragon Fire‘. The artist that made these little slightly bigger than card deck sized ceramic pieces comes out of Portland.

kitchen art…..they’re so cute

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  1. carin

    where can i find those coach sneakers

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