So yesterday I decided to go shopping and I picked up a few things. A blouse and a belt at Lucky a new Abercrombie hoodie (the only orange thing in my closet),

a new tennis racket and a few other things that I’ll end up sharing eventually.

The traffic on the way home was awful we were stuck for at least an hour before we decided to just get dinner somewhere in Portland instead of waiting for it all to clear up. We ended up stopping at this little place called Ciao Vito. The outside wall of the restaurant had this great mural on it.

ciao vito


skirt steak

skirt steak with veggies and goat cheese =)

strawberry shortcakeand strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Lately my summers been kinda busy I had family in town a few days ago which was fun, got to see my cousin and aunt. It’s definitely been a while, like 13 years since I saw them. The last memory I have with my cousin is being at my grandmas house when we were both 2 or 3 playing in a Barbie jeep! (which she never let me drive, haha)




I s’pose this has nothing to do with fashion so I’ll throw in an old clockwork orange inspired editorial with Boyd Holbrook in it, enjoy

w trio

neon group

duo kick

Sadly this isn’t the whole editorial the rest of the shoot that was on file somehow got deleted or lost from my computer so if anyone can locate the rest of it, good luck


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