Coldplay the Other Day…

We were like ten rows from the stage!

I think it took Chris Martin a song or two to kind of ‘warm up’ but they played Green Eyes which is my all time favorite so I’m not complaining.

chris martin

coldplay double
butterfly confetti, ’nuff said
chris butterfly
So I bought a concert sweatshirt and enjoyed the free cd that was handed out.
Once I got home that is, it took us almost an hour to get out of the parking lot, which according to fellow concert attend-ies was nothing compared to the last Coldplay concert they were at.
Today was a gloomy misty kind of day, and all I remember about yesterday was walking a mile and a half by myself and making macaroni and cheese at exactly 12:01 in the morning with friends.
I’m about to grab a plate of Cuban chicken that’s been in the slow cooker for 4 hours.
Happy Sunday?
I came across this photographer a few days ago and have been making lists trying to decide which editorial to post first.
His name is Andrea Klarin and he’s absolutely incredible.
He’s Yugoslavian born, studied photography in Belgium and currently resides in Paris, France.
Over the next few days I’ll share many of my favorite shoots he’s done but for now I leave you with:

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