I’m pretty sure I’m going to need another job just to ease my Betsey addiction…

betsey collage

I have been obsessed with this snake cuff! My mom gets sick of listening to it. Really though, this picture does no justice to this piece of jewelry.

And the best part about Betsey Johnson stores is that I don’t feel like I have to walk in waving my VISA around so the saleswoman will stop thinking that I’m going to either break something or steal something.

Maybe it’s because I’m 15 and have them problem of looking 8, Maybe its because my mom lets me go into most stores alone…. Whatever it is it’s annoying times ten.

However, when I walk into a Betsey boutique I feel like my friends working behind the counter pulling dresses for me and gushing about how cute they’ll all look on me nawt breathing down my neck.

The other Betsey item I stumbled across while browsing in Nordstrom was this frilly leather wristlet:

8ad778abbcbe5960b1facd66ff07f06053a02af4-200.jpgI saw this little beauty online ever ago and recently saw it in person. I’ve only found a yellow one once because it also comes in blush, white, black, and green color.

Mark my words, It will be mine.




Got another Switzerland picture today:

swiss hill

aaaaaaand todays mix included:

todays mix

Death From Above 1979

The Beastie Boys

Joni Mitchell

Pepe and The Bottle Blondes!


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  1. Julie

    Worry not, you’ll get bigger some day. Just be glad you’re complaining about not finding the right size of double zero rather then 20 (no offence to anyone, I promise I love you too >< ) And I think I need some help on getting a nice pair of sunglasses, so you'll have to go shopping with me sometime when I have money to spend. Ily Moni ❤

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