Sacre Francais!!

My Dad brought home a stack of British fashion mags including British Vogue of course, And The Tatler which came with a mini bottle of essie nail polish.

Which is always nice, I mean you can never have to many bottles of nail polish right?

So in honor of my Dad’s homecoming I’m posting an editorial from the issue of British vogue that’s sitting in my lap right now.

british vouge collage

It’s Lily Donaldson another one of my all time fav. supermodels.

I mean she’s just so friggin’ gorgeous


But anyway, it’s good to have my dad home.

Well I’m in need of a Laté, STAT. But unfortunently I think I’ll just watch an episode or two of Sex and the City and turn in early for the night.




Haha, almost forgot. While flipping through my stack of UK fashion glossies, I got the opportunity to view Emma Watson’s high gloss Burberry ad campaign in person.


Love the smoky eyes!


I can’t believe she’s 18 now! All growed up!

And todays mix was mostly french hotel music mainly:


Dimitri From Paris. Fav. song?

Sacre Francais!


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