Addicted to Leather

I guess to stick with my spy movie  day I’d dress a little more….spyish? hah.

I haven’t worn this jacket in forever and today wasn’t the best day to debut it considering it’s like 97 degrees outside…

leather jacket

Bebe leather jacket, Lacoste booties, Burberry sunglasses, GAP tee, Anoname jeans

You know I have to say these boots are probably some of the comfiest heels I own. Aside from a pair of Pencil heel guess slingbacks.

We had our own little spy in our front yard today, Smoky our neighbors cat. He loves to hide in the lavender bushes.

smoky the cat

He’s a cute little cat. I’m in the mood for a smoothie. I think i’ll go make one.

Happy Monday





haha I totally forgot to mention the big Marc Jacobs tote I love carrying around when I wear this.

The bag itself is a total contrast to the leather and booties it’s just kind of bright and fun!

marcy marc

So spy on kidlets! Spy on…


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  1. misshopaholic

    hey im new to wordpress so please check out my site, love yours! the shoes and jacket are amazing!

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