Thought I’d share some of the new Juicy stuff that has come out, and of course what better way to do it than with a collage!


It was 106 degrees outside today, possibly hotter? Personally I didn’t mind it. I just always find it funny during autumn when a lot of kids up here start complaining about how hot it is, when it’s like….78 degrees out?

I mean down in Phoenix you’d walk outside and it would be 120 and crazy humid. The air would be so thin and hot that it hurt to breathe and your lungs felt like they were going to explode when you did. Your skin would feel like it was going to bubble and melt off of your body, that is hot. So days like this when it’s a little over a hundred, make me feel like I’m back home in the spring time.

I pretty much did nothing, bought a new pair of silly Steve Madden wedges:

steve madden silly wedges

I’m still wearing OPI’s Conga-Line Coral on my toes, a fresh pedicure is definitely on the list tonight! and Jerry making his, second(?) debut on the blog.

I love these heels. They’re so much fun and much, much, much comfier than you’d expect for like a 5 inch wedge with a 2 inch platform on the toe.

We bought french green beans and some fresh filet mignon!

So some yummy cooking is in order tonight! Too bad Dad’s going to have to miss it. (He flew out to LA this morning….)



I know this has absolutely nu-thing to do with Juicy’s new line or L.A. or anything but I don’t know if anyone else has seen bebe’s new ad campaigns around?

bebe collage

I think they’re pretty fun. Love the elephant shot. Haha. I think I’ve decided that elephants are my favorite animal..

And for today’s mix

todays mix

The Ting Tings, Duffy, anddd Coldplay



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