I Can’t Help It!

What Color! Vogue Italia March 2005

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Model: Elise Crombez

what color collageHer legs go on forever. I know I just bought wedge heels the other day…but I very well may need to go out and buy more.

I soooo want that umbrella.

Fav. shot? 4 way tie between the first picture on the left, the beauty shot with the umbrella, the orange shot and the blue shot…the movement of the garments in those last two are incredible. I’m a sucker for flowy fabric shots!

Earlier this evening I discovered that Betsey’s new collections finally came out!

Sooooo I wanted to highlight the two biggest collections that happen to be my favorites.

The Love Jungle collection and the Fruit Station collection.

new betseys

The other collections that came out were smaller and the ones I weren’t particularly fond of, between the strange lines and ackward shades of leather the “Made in the Fade” Collection is a no-go.

I’m still totally on the fence with the “Tinker bow” collection. The other ‘mini’ collection I did really like was the “Cheetah Rose” line. Heres my favorite shape of the bags print:


And…the Fruit station collection is huge and also features three totes with fruit on the front

orange sliceSuper cute right?

Al List of all the new bag lines:

-Amazing lace

-Cheetah Rose    Ah-proved

-Fruit Station    Ah-proved

-Love Jungle    Ah-proved

-Made in the fade

-Patent Petals

and -Tinker bow

I’ve just been on a Betsey High lately.

I’m grilling up another round of Filét Mignon for tonight and am so excited.




Clinique just came out with the new Vitamin C lip smoothie.

clq_6T17_250.jpgThe two colors I like the best are:

Abosolute Acai



So visit your nearest Clinique counter and pick yourself up and bucketfull today!

Today’s mix wasn’t really anything accept Shakira to be honest haha.


I’m off to the airport to pick up my father.



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2 responses to “I Can’t Help It!

  1. Tara

    Hahahah I love those songs! ❤

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