Saying Goodbye to July

Last day of July, and summer is dragggggging on. Not that it’s a bad thing…

sailor scarfVera Wang heels, D&G sunglasses, J.crew white button up, Vintage silk scarf, DIY suede skirt

basket heelsLove these! So comfy and the patent leather is my favorite shade blue.

Lately my usual french manicures been getting a little monotonous so today I decided to do something completely ridiculous.


tiger nails rawrI saw this girl who had her nails done up this way and I thought it’d be kinda fun.

I kind of just feel like renting all 6 seasons of sex and the city and sitting down with a case of pineapple soda some little danish gummies and watching it all.




oh! While I went to buy my bright neon orange polish  (Orlys orange punch) I bought some brick bred lipstick which i’m wearing. So excited, all I have is like bright primary red and it looks awful on me. I think brick is much more suiting. Unfortunately all I could get to was an Ulta and they don’t carry Clinique so the brand of lipstick I ended up buying is…studio gear? which I’ve never heard of the color is Autumn’s pretty I guess I’d recommend it?


Also, it smells like marshmallows! Which is somewhat of a bonus.

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