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Sharing Stilletos

So while shopping with friends the other day we found these great Anne Michelle heels. I ended up buying them, but were gonna share them. sharing stilletoes..this months Vogue is so big….


I’ve expanded my broach collection with this little beauty.

salamanderIt has little emerald eyes. I think it’s my new favorite.

I was at school suuuper early for registration like 9, so some friends and I decided to walk downtown to one of my favorite antique stores. Old glory.

They have soooo much vintage jewelry and tons of brooches, and almost all of them are in GREAT condition.

My Dad’s home from Denmark, so once we’re done with the magazine I’ll post a few.

I think for now I’m just going to download a few books onto my kindle and chill.






I found this old ’08 summer Prada ad campaign with Sasha Pivovarova!

I love the shot second from the bottom, soooo pretty.

I have a new page on the blog called favorites! right now there isn’t much on it a handful of models and a photographer or two, but I’ll be adding things all the time so be sure to check every time you visit.




Last post I mentioned my perfume picks. Among the perfumes was Music a Harajuku Lovers perfume. Well, while grabbing perfume pictures off of Sephora I saw that there is a limited edition Harajuku Lovers perfume bottle for each scent.

The limited edition line is called snow babies.

snow babys Buy them before there gone!


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Ace of Spades

Some new and old-ish things from Kate Spade.

kate spade

Those purple satin heels are HOT and all of the fruit stuff is too cute. =)



The J.Crew catalog came in today, favorites? :

erez1) Heather Carbon Schoolboy Blazer

erez-22) Double-cloth Carlin Coat

erez3) Cotton Tuxedo Shirt




My new perfume list


Perfumes from left to right:

-Harajuku lovers Music

-Kenzo’s Flower by Kenzo

-Georgio Armani’s Armani Code Pour Femme

Pradas Milano

Gucci’s Envy Me

Benefits Laugh With Me Lee Lee

(FAVORITE!)- D&G’s L’impératrice

-Ed Hardy’s Love and Luck

Givenchy’s Very Irresistable

(ALWAYS WEARING!) Juicy Couture’s Viva la Juicy

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Little Red

Since I just picked up this months Vogue, which happens to be a whopping 584 pages! I thought I’d share my fav. editorial in the whole issue.

“Into the Woods” features my all time fav. supermodel Natalia Vodianova!


litle red

Sorry it’s been a while. In short. My dogs dying….sooooooo it hasn’t been the best week.

And on top of that my Dad left for Denmark but should be back late tomorrow. I picked up two vintage brooches today, they’re ah-mazing:

broachesCute right? Found the cat face in a bowl while I was checking out.

The starburst one looks great on the lapel of the tuxedo jacket I scooped up from Nordstrom the other day.

white flowersThe flowers on the trumpet vine thing are blooming though which is nice. =)

Hope everyone’s having a better day than me! I made muffins though this morning. They were yummy.

Happy Tuesday!




I think I need this Dooney and Bourke scotties tote. Tooooo cute!


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Shopping Anyone?

What I bummed around in today:

red lipsPooka shell necklace from Hawaii, distressed jeans I picked up yesterday, and a random gray shirt.

Lately I can’t stop wearing Red lipstick. One of the girls at Betsey Johnson asked what lipstick I wore.

So for all of you who are wondering it’s a combination. Basecoat of Clinique’s Black Honey, Then a coat of Marykay’s Red Salsa and then for lipgloss I used Victorias secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Pearadise.

I managed to scoop up some juicy tube socks, some Betsey Johson posts, and two pairs of distressed jeans yesterday.

CIMG0311On our way into part of Portland they were testing the bridge so we were waiting FOR EVER for the bridge to go up.

street shotIt was such a pretty day! Somewhere in the 90’s I think.

piggy trufflesThere were animal truffles at new moon I think? I can never remember the name of that coffee/chocolate stand in the middle of pioneer place.

inside betseyI always love going into Betsey Johnson the boutiques are just so cheery and crazy! and the earrings I bought:

betsey earrings

red nailsSince I had to wack my nails off for rowing repainting a french mani was so nawt an option so I opted for red nails.

I used Orly’s “Soul Mate”

I’m off to get something to eat!




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I was planning on another Andrea Klarin shoot, but somewhere in the process of uploading those pictures and bumming around on the internet I discovered some amazing shots by Kristian Schuller.

Unfortunately it’s just a jumble from a bunch of different things as far as I know…Either way they’re all amazing and there’s elephants!

jumbleI hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be shopping with some friends in Portland on Wednesday so I have to work for a shopping fund.

I’m also thinking about adding a new page called favorites. It’ll include fav. models, photographers etc. etc.


signatureI think I’m going to make a quiche before I start working though.

I believe I’ve made up my mind on the whole ray-bans dilemma! I think I’m going to go with the new yellow ones.

I might even buy them on Wednesday who knows.


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This is going to be brief because I’m close to falling asleep on my keyboard but,

A while ago I showed you the first Harajuku Lovers heels that came out.

Recently some new ones have come out so I picked a few and thought I’d show them to you.

harajuku lovers heelsI really like the pink wedges with the ants crawling up the heel. And the ones right above those with the rope straps.

Along with the heels, I thought I might as well show the perfume ads since I do wear Harajuku Lovers perfume after all. (Music)


coty harajuku lovers ad


Don’t you just wish you had her legs? Jeez man….thats not fair. haha.

Well goodnight.



I would still feel guilty walking on them.

harajuku heels bottom


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So I was running around in Portland today and we went to my fav. Italian candy shop ever! Martinellis.


matinellis inside

candy dish

candy semi closeWe bought Frizys and Puntinis!

It was an overcast day that went sunny off and on.

We ate at Thai Peacock! Soooooo yummy!!

light post

pad thai



They have the best curry on earth I swear!

Haha, Happy Saturday everyone. I think I’m going to make some tea…



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