So it’s like 96 out and what do I decide to wear? a big antelope skin shirt…yah that’ll breath.


Calvin Klein antelope skin shirt, Francesco Biasia orange bag, necklaces from India,

Janet&Janet shoes, F21 jeans and cocktail ring.



We ran into Portland for lunch, we were going to go to Zack’s Shack for hot dogs but due to traffic we ended up going to Esparza’s a yummy texmex café

resturant insideInside this little café, towards the right where the picture cuts off there’s tons of rattlesnakes and skunks hanging upside down on the ceiling.

The food there is sooooo good. After lunch we had to stop by Music Millennium, I bought the 4th season of 24 so I know what I’m going to be doing tonight.

I also ran across cupcake mints….they were frosting flavored:

cupcake mints

Once I got home I made the Thundercat’s theme song my ring tone. Maybe these tiger nails are getting to me?

I’m off to watch 24.






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