Snow Bound in Japan.

I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of wayfarers forever but am stuck between a few.

If someone could puh-lease help me decide, it would be greatly appreciated!

RAYBANSI really really like the aqua and yellow….but I’m not sure…ughh

Oh! And I saw this editorial the other day and just had to find it so I could show you.

The photographers name is Raymond Meier and the model is Anne Watanabe

collageMy favorite shot is the fourth! The look of the water, the fog and the snow! It’s gorgeous! The second to last shot is really pretty too!

The snow looks particularly whimsical. I love snow, so so much. I wish is snowed more up here…We’re lucky if we get an inch or two around Christmas.

The apple pie just got out of the oven so I’m going to stuff my face like a fatty, watch the Boondocks and look through some back issues of Vogue. Goodnight.



And what did I listen to all day?



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