Little Red

Since I just picked up this months Vogue, which happens to be a whopping 584 pages! I thought I’d share my fav. editorial in the whole issue.

“Into the Woods” features my all time fav. supermodel Natalia Vodianova!


litle red

Sorry it’s been a while. In short. My dogs dying….sooooooo it hasn’t been the best week.

And on top of that my Dad left for Denmark but should be back late tomorrow. I picked up two vintage brooches today, they’re ah-mazing:

broachesCute right? Found the cat face in a bowl while I was checking out.

The starburst one looks great on the lapel of the tuxedo jacket I scooped up from Nordstrom the other day.

white flowersThe flowers on the trumpet vine thing are blooming though which is nice. =)

Hope everyone’s having a better day than me! I made muffins though this morning. They were yummy.

Happy Tuesday!




I think I need this Dooney and Bourke scotties tote. Tooooo cute!



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