Sharing Stilletos

So while shopping with friends the other day we found these great Anne Michelle heels. I ended up buying them, but were gonna share them. sharing stilletoes..this months Vogue is so big….


I’ve expanded my broach collection with this little beauty.

salamanderIt has little emerald eyes. I think it’s my new favorite.

I was at school suuuper early for registration like 9, so some friends and I decided to walk downtown to one of my favorite antique stores. Old glory.

They have soooo much vintage jewelry and tons of brooches, and almost all of them are in GREAT condition.

My Dad’s home from Denmark, so once we’re done with the magazine I’ll post a few.

I think for now I’m just going to download a few books onto my kindle and chill.






I found this old ’08 summer Prada ad campaign with Sasha Pivovarova!

I love the shot second from the bottom, soooo pretty.

I have a new page on the blog called favorites! right now there isn’t much on it a handful of models and a photographer or two, but I’ll be adding things all the time so be sure to check every time you visit.




Last post I mentioned my perfume picks. Among the perfumes was Music a Harajuku Lovers perfume. Well, while grabbing perfume pictures off of Sephora I saw that there is a limited edition Harajuku Lovers perfume bottle for each scent.

The limited edition line is called snow babies.

snow babys Buy them before there gone!


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