One of my all-time favorite Emilio Pucci shows was the ’08 Spring Ready-to-Wear collection.

pucci 1

pucci swimsuits

pucci 2

I can’t even list my favorites there are so many! All of the metallic stuff is really cool, and the yellow things.

If I could pick something to wear it’d be the Blue romper thats first in the second row in this bottom chunk. Or the mustardy outfit two pics to the right of the romper.

It’s POURING right now so I’m just chilling in the studio with a mix of Sting, Coldplay and Sade in the background.

However, there is a ray of sun in this gloomy day because parked in our driveway is a sunny bug!

We drove up to Tacoma yesterday and bought it. I think I’m in love. It has heated leather seats, and a sunroof plus a bunch of other handy features.

But heated seats I mean come AWN what more do you need! I swear your so calm driving when your seats heated, you don’t even care when people cut you off.

My baby:


bug frontIsn’t it adorable?



Happy labor day weekend! =)


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