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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween kids,

I’m sooo glad it’s the weekend.

This week has been terrible but I do have a jumbo bag of snack sized kit-kat bars in my kitchen that will make it all better.

Vogue Germany just put this editorial out and in the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d share.


So I’ve finally decided on a pair of Wayfarers:

127961-rayban-new-color-wayrarer-black-yellow-pla-t Christmas on Coronado island this year!

It’s going to be a week of seeing the cute bagel guy at my fav. breakfast bar, shopping, stopping for fro-yo down the street from the hotel, more shopping and beach time.

Done, done and done.


I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about Jimmy Choo doing a line for H&M.¬† Today I decided look through the whole collection and have to say I’m really disappointed. Don’t get me wrong the collections great, I just didn’t think the collection would be so faddy….Theres a few things I like, the zebra clutch with gems, the sparkly dress and the strappy red heels but much past that there’s nothing I’m dying to see in person.

jimmy choomaybe I’m being harsh…I guess I just expected a lot more.

Enjoy your candy!




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One More Thing.

It was gorgeous in Portland the other day…


My dear friend Robin approached me in ballet a while ago and told me she had a gift for me and to find her after class.

She surprised me with this awesome broach that i’m in love with and brings my small collection up to 8.


It’s the gold one with pink roses on the far left, it actually has a little bumblebee.

Another thing on my mind is Oscar De La Rentas Pre Fall show for this year.


Well I have PSATs tommorow morning so I have to say goodnight.



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The Last of Sunny Days

It’s been a while hasn’t it? So sorry. Since we put the dogs down I can’t exactly say i’ve been in a bloggin’ mood.

However, I’m back.

I’ve been shopping around for a cool vintage townie bike and just recently discovered that gucci makes bikes!

gucci bikee

Other gucci things I’m totally dying for? :




229156_C2000_1011_001_fullI share this with you because all I could think about while I was on this cruise was Gucci, and there fall/winter ready to wear for this season…

cruise shipApparently we’re going to rent this ship out for upcoming parties.

cruise ship closeIt’s too bad it was so windy sitting outside on the boat wasn’t too fun, the views through the window were good though.


boat housesThe boat houses all along the river were so cute!

And then there were the mansions further up the river, my favorite of them all:

mansionOh how I would love a 6 story italian style abode with 4 levels of patio a personal deck, boat and jet skis on the river. sigh.

Sorry I don’t have more to share now, but there’s definitely more to come!




Anybody seen the new ad campaign for Gucci? I think it’s my new favorite!


fw09_campaign_7Not gonna lie…his abs scare me a little..

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