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I am so excited because it’s actually been sort of sunny today.

Off and on of course, but it’s not pouring like last night!

What i’ve been walking around in today.

Armani sunnies, Givenchy pearls, Kenneth Cole sweater, Geoffrey Beene scarf, Lacoste booties, Juicy Couture bag,

boyfriend jeans and random jacket from Nordstrom.

This sweater is sooo comfy it’s mosly silk with just a little nylon. I wish I had a rainbow of them so I could wear one every day.

I’ve been reading angels and demons the past few days and have to say it’s a lot better than I thought it would be.

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend for the most part..Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can’t wait for all of the food.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Armani PrivĂ© couture show for fall ’09

I would wear EVERYTHING, here are my absolute favorites though:

Especially love the one shouldered indigo gown. absolutely gor-geous

I would wear armani couture to the office if I could….

Well I’m going to snuggle up with some vanilla apricot tea and finish angels and demons…

best mug ever



painted my nails yesterday:

OPI’s Russian Navy has to be one the best nail polishes ever!



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This morning while I was sitting on the couch eating cheerios the lovely UPS man delivered my camera.

The canon is finally here! =)

Nothing better than a nice new Canon EOS 20D resting in your hands

I’m not really sure why I got so on putting a teal streak in my hair but yesterday I sat down with a tevo full of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

So two rounds of bleach later and three hits of teal I had my streak.

What I bummed around in yesterday:

Nothing special just a button up and jeans. Always comfy on a Monday.

The most uncomfortable shoes I own! They pinch your toes soooo much!

BCBG does nawt equal comfort by any stretch of the imagination…

The new J.crew catalog came today. I swear if I was loaded all I would wear was J.crew there stuff is just so…cute for casual!

I’m known for ripping looks out of catalogs for inspiration I have a huge folder just for J.crew pages.

I’m off to snag a cookie and some milk…

Anybody seen the new Erika and Elvis stuff at Swarovski? Suuuuper cute!

My favorite is the little toadstool charm.



I’m determined to buy fur of some sort (mink or beaver’) like a hat or cape I’m not sure.

And a couple of months ago Vogue Italia did an editorial that had a ton of fur in it so I thought I’d share:


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..Are the best days..

Happy Friday the 13th all!

….Portlands so pretty at night.

portland at night

portland at night 2

Sometimes I wish everyday was Friday. It would make things so much easier.

So I saw the new Louis Ready-to-wear.



My fav. look

favs LV2010

I would totally rock a blonde afro if I could.



We grabbed some sushi tonight for dinner. I had sushi for lunch too…hmmm…is there a limit to how much salmon one can consume in a day?

Because I had a Bagel with lox and capers this morning…haha salmon for breakfast lunch and dinner!

sushi guys ;D

go sushi!!

go sushi goo

And the sushi zooms along. Apologies for the terrible picture quality.

I’ll finally have my EOS!

I think I’m just going to sleep all weekend….




7 plates of sushi and I’m still hungry. :S

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Alexander Mcqueen’s Spring 2010 collection was beyond crazy.


The highlight of this? The shoes of course I still can’t decide whether I like them or not.

The shape of these shoes is…crazy…

Those poor, poor models.


We bought a bunch of little desserts at this cute little deli by my aunt’s house.

Mini lemon and fresh fruit tarts and cream puffs! What more could you ask for?

tart 2

While dividing all the pastries my aunt’s wiener dog was running around the kitchen.


Oh Suzie you will always be my favorite pet and wet.

It’s so, so good to be home.



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All I’ve been able to do lately is shop online. It’s a sickness.

The editorials called “I love shopping”

I thought it would be appropriate for my mood, haha.

rhr9uc 2z90ig9

2vrwhdx dw3z4h

2elcux5 1jlx81

i23wd1 3582utg

2ik5o2f w7jx4h

k48js 334l15t

6am Friday my Mom, Aunt and I flew out to Spokane to see my grandparents and other extended family. Eventually we got to Colfax.

A small little town where my grandparents reside. The passes are all snowed in and it’s currently 41.2 degrees out. A warm day.

I’m wearing a scarf, long-sleeved shirt, fleece lined hoodie and a double lined french seemed washed wool trench. Somehow I’m still cold.

Oh well I guess…

winter holiday

So as of late I decided that my schoolbag is trashed and I am in desperate need of a new one.

I found this silly Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs messenger bag and am seriously considering buying it.

0409323525908R_300x400It’s just so cute. And silly.




A deer just ran into my grandmothers backyard, I was instructed to furiously open the door and yell at it.

The new J.crew catalogs came in a little while ago. There’s some cute new stuff out.

My Favorites:

merino watercolor leopard cardiganMerino Watercolor Leopard Cardigan

wool pique sultana jackeyWool Pique Sultana Jacket

I decided I really, really want a pair of trousers….dunno why…something like this:

stretch flannel elan trouser(Stretch Flannel Elan Trouser)

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Stealing Clothes

I’m a closet hopper. Not gonna lie. I swipe my parents shirts, my friends pants, you name it.

So I took one of my dads old GAP shirts and decided to wear it today.


Givenchy pearls, Betsey Johnson heels, Coach bag, vintage broach, hand distressed jeans, stolen GAP shirt.

necklace I finally found a super long strand of pearls and am soooo excited.

Givenchy was having a jewelry sale a while ago so I scooped these up for next to nothing!

broach I was digging around in the box by the register while I was checking out at my favorite antique store.

Went handbag shopping with my mother today. I feel like buying a big girl bag.

Something Prada…..maybe in a navy blue or a cranberry color.

My mom decided to buy a super cute little Dooney bag. It’s adorable.

So….prada bags…decisions decisions… I’ve already seen a few I kind of like. I think I’m gonna go with something from their new resort collection.

I’m off to do Bio homework.



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Whats in My Makeup Bag?

makeuo11. Beauty Rush lipgloss

2. Clinique shimmer eyeshadow duos

3. Covergirl lash blast luxe mascara

4. Youngblood pressed rice setting powder

makeup25. Clinique blush (I swear by cupid!)

6. Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eyeliner

7. Dermalogica foundation

8. Estee Lauder lipstick

These are the only 8 things you’d ever need in your makeup bag and they continue to save my life every day.

I’m not someone who spends a ton of money on makeup but the one thing I always splurge on is my foundation, and Dermalogica is amazing.

It’s around 45$ a tube but well worth it. It’s light coverage and you don’t even feel like you’re wearing it.

Usually I’m someone who walks out of the house with some mascara on and that’s it.

Lashblast is ah-mazing for drugstore mascara. The tube is huge and I feel pretty cool because it’s hot pink and sparkly but I like it more than Estee Lauder mascara and Clinique (my makeup usuals)

However if you are someone who can splurge a little on their makeup here are some of my favorite spendy goodies:

splurge1. Stila lipgloss pens

2. Nars blush (in orgasm)

3. Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

4. Givenchy mascara (the brush is ah-mazing!!!)

Philosophy lotions, lipglosses, shampoos and body washes also make the best gifts ever! they smell SO good and work like a dream.


So “Where the Wild Things Are” finally came out in theatres, still haven’t seen it. That needs to change.

In honor of where the wild things are UGG decided to put a children’s limited edition line inspired by the movie.

I have to say if I ever bought an UGG boot this would definitely be the time. Even though I think that UGG boots make your feet look like gingerbread men.

So who knows I just might snag a ‘big kid’ pair for myself to wear through the winters.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I ate so much candy, I think I’m going to throw up.



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