Stealing Clothes

I’m a closet hopper. Not gonna lie. I swipe my parents shirts, my friends pants, you name it.

So I took one of my dads old GAP shirts and decided to wear it today.


Givenchy pearls, Betsey Johnson heels, Coach bag, vintage broach, hand distressed jeans, stolen GAP shirt.

necklace I finally found a super long strand of pearls and am soooo excited.

Givenchy was having a jewelry sale a while ago so I scooped these up for next to nothing!

broach I was digging around in the box by the register while I was checking out at my favorite antique store.

Went handbag shopping with my mother today. I feel like buying a big girl bag.

Something Prada…..maybe in a navy blue or a cranberry color.

My mom decided to buy a super cute little Dooney bag. It’s adorable.

So….prada bags…decisions decisions… I’ve already seen a few I kind of like. I think I’m gonna go with something from their new resort collection.

I’m off to do Bio homework.




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