This morning while I was sitting on the couch eating cheerios the lovely UPS man delivered my camera.

The canon is finally here! =)

Nothing better than a nice new Canon EOS 20D resting in your hands

I’m not really sure why I got so on putting a teal streak in my hair but yesterday I sat down with a tevo full of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

So two rounds of bleach later and three hits of teal I had my streak.

What I bummed around in yesterday:

Nothing special just a button up and jeans. Always comfy on a Monday.

The most uncomfortable shoes I own! They pinch your toes soooo much!

BCBG does nawt equal comfort by any stretch of the imagination…

The new J.crew catalog came today. I swear if I was loaded all I would wear was J.crew there stuff is just so…cute for casual!

I’m known for ripping looks out of catalogs for inspiration I have a huge folder just for J.crew pages.

I’m off to snag a cookie and some milk…

Anybody seen the new Erika and Elvis stuff at Swarovski? Suuuuper cute!

My favorite is the little toadstool charm.



I’m determined to buy fur of some sort (mink or beaver’) like a hat or cape I’m not sure.

And a couple of months ago Vogue Italia did an editorial that had a ton of fur in it so I thought I’d share:



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2 responses to “EOS

  1. The main The main differences:*The XSi has more meealixgps at 12.2MP while the XS is 10.1MP.*For JPEG, the XSi can continuously shoot at 3.5 fps while the XS can do 3.0 fps. fps.*The LCD monitor of the XSi measures 3.0 inches while the XS has a smaller screen at 2.5 inches.*The XSi has a 9-point AF system while the XS has only a 7-point.*The XSi has Spot metering while the XS does not.*XSi’s RAW is 14-bit while the XS RAW is 12-bit.Often you’ll spend less than $100 extra for alot more in XSi

  2. Jackie

    I use an EOS too! love the teal streak I think i’m going to streak my hair yellow and orange. đŸ˜€ never seen this editorial before and I subsribe to Italian vogue…hmmm wonder why that is. thanks for sharing!

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