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Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

I thought since it was New Years Eve I’d show you some of my favorite looks from my favorite pre-fall shows for the upcoming year.

Starting with Burberry Prorsum.

The very last look I think is my favorite. I love the neutral wintery style, it reminds me of riding wear.


I think this might be my favorite Versace show so far.

I would wear everything from this collection. Haha especially the last dress.




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It started snowing yesterday…

We currently have about 4 inches of snow of the ground.

I guess we got that White Christmas after all, it was just a little late. = )

Lacoste booties, Dooney & Bourke bag, Abercrombie jean jacket, Abercrombie flannel shirt (a men’s section find)

Random skinnys from…Nordstroms?

I love wearing guy shirts, especially ones from Abercrombie. Super soft and the smell ah-mazing for like a week.

Finally have a jean jacket!  I’ve never had a jean jacket before and have been trying to hunt down a good one for a while.

Another gem I scooped up in Cali?

Mohair Leopard print flats, from Anne Taylor.

They’re perfect. I adore them.

I stumbled onto this editorial from Vogue Paris featuring one of my favorite models Daria Werbowy.

Goooood stuff.

I really want a new pair of Betsey Johnson studs…I’m thinkin’ Ladybugs.

But the frogs are so cute..

….decisions decisions…

I’m off to go eat.



The motel down the street from us on Coronado had a fun sign that I always forget to take pictures of but finally remembered this year.


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Finally home.

We bummed around in La Jolla before we came home. Went to the beach checked out some art galleries.

The sea lions were pupping on the beach and there were a ton just laying all over.

Watching them bounce around was really, really cute.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen waves this big before at the ocean.

Or pelicans…

So it was lunchtime and there’s a hard-rock in La Jolla…and it’d been forever since any of us had been there so we ended up wandering around for like half an hour until we finally got to the Hard Rock’s address..only to find it had been turned into a Bistro 101. We were all starving so we just ate there anyway.

I guess it was really weird to sit down and eat inside what used to be the Hard Rock.

The food was great though. I ordered a vegetarian panini. It has tomatoes, roasted bell pepper, lettuce, and brie cheese.

Sooooo good and served with a vinaigrette salad.

We ended up moving our flight up a little early and on the way to our car in the window of this candy shop was a hello kitty apple.

All by it’s lonesome

If we hadn’t been in such a hurry I totally would have bought it but such luck.

After sitting in the airport forever dealing with screaming toddlers, having my bag searched, sick people and delayed flights i’m finally home.



A view from the plane:


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Horton Plaza is my favorite mall. Ever.

I love all the funky architecture and colors.  The Louis display windows are pretty cute right now.

I managed to score my limited edition Juicy charm on extreme discount.

Shopping was deeeeefinitely a success, checked quite a few things off of my list.

Jean jacket, Plaid flannel mens shirt, Mo-hair leopard print flats, Safari jacket. Frankly I couldn’t be happier. = )

Also picked up a new pair of Coach sneakers.

I love breaking in a new pair of sneakers, and for whatever reason Coach seems to fit me the best.

The Glorietta Bay in is so pretty when they turn all the Christmas lights on.

Queen for a day:

We ate dinner at this great little Asian place down the street from our hotel.

I’m so full. It’s not even funny.



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3,2,1! Merry Christmas!

The last few days have flown by and I can’t believe it’s the day after Christmas already!

Coronado Island is kind of our second home now. It’s just so chill…

There’s lights all over tons of the buildings and trees.

We’re staying in the Glorietta Bay Inn like usual.

Such a cute place I finally got my wayfarers today! Decided on a black pair with yellow on the inside.

We were waiting to be seated at Miguel’s Cocino for a late lunch, it always pays to carry around a Vogue with you!

There’s something about vacations and Mexican food that go together…


I was thinking about how if I was a celebrity I would only wear couture just because it’s so crazy, one of my favorite couture shows of this year was Valentinos spring ’09 Couture show. Some crazzzzy stuff.

That one shouldered tiered gown it the bottom right corner is one of my favorites from this show.

My favorite from the show has to be this last gown thats leading the line of models.

It’s like a puff-sleeved, shimmery nightgown. Love, love, LOVE it.

Shopping tomorrow and I’m trying to decide on a new Juicy charm. The lemon slice is pretty cute..


I hope everyone had an ah-mazing Christmas!!

“Black eyeliner says, you know stuff – you’ve been through things” -Parker Posey

there’s some pretty flowers around the hotel.

This lone yellow rose is my favorite


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4 days till Christmas!

I’m off to shop today.

Probably going to end up buying more lipgloss…?

Yesterday I mentioned Tarte’s set of mini cheek stains, I thought I’d elaborate a little and mention a few more stocking stuffers every girl would love.

I guess New England got hit with a crazy snow storm too..

I don’t know if anyone remembers a few years ago Marc Jacobs made these adorable mouse ballet flats?

I think i’m going to try and hunt down the gold ones

Too cute.

I’ve been seeing a lot of rhinestone covered straighteners…I think they’re so funny.

I wish everything was covered in Rhinestones. It would make me so happy.

I want to walk around with a big bow in my hair like in the old Juicy ads? Or like the models from the Michelle Smith show:

And those big chunky necklaces, definitely going to have to hunt some down.

Sorry to keep this so brief, shopping calls.



Apparently Coach makes umbrellas….
I don’t know how I didn’t already know this considering I’m on the lookout for a super cute umbrella and till now thought Burberry was my only option.

I really want a giant golf-sized umbrella and am leaning towards this one.


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5 days till Christmas!!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying their winter break! It was my mom’s birthday today so I baked her cookies.

I saw the New Alexander Wang Ready-to-Wear collection for spring 2010.

I saw the first look and was already in love with this collection.

Can’t wait till my hair’s long enough to put in a braid like that.

I liked all of the leopard heels in the collection. Still on the lookout for a pair of my own.

My favorite look is probably a tie between the very very last picture that’s the little black dress and the second look in the first block.

All the looks with pants are great, that white dress is phenom.

What a great show…

I bought a new eye shadow palette by Kat Von D at Sephora and love it soo so much!

Its part of the True Romance eyeshadow palette collections in Ludwig.

I think brown smoky eyes are the best thing ever, and the olive tones are really pretty.

Next time I stop in Sephora I’m going to pick up another one in a new set of colors. Maybe the blues?

And the Ugg debate…

It’s a huge dilemma for me, really.

I guess that question is do you want to buy a pair because they’re warm and snugly, or because you them for fashionable reasons.

I see Celebrities wear them all the time.

But are making your feet look like gingerbread men really worth it?

The only pair of these boots I could imagine wearing (for warmth) would be these chestnut Barossa’s Emu Australia makes:

Something short.. or maybe some of the moccasins ugg makes?

Yes, the moccasins would be the only thing I could wear out in public as slightly fashionable?

That’s about it though….? I really don’t have any idea what to do about this. Anybody have any thoughts?

Drop a comment or e-mail with your take on the UGG discussion…



Seen Leighton Meester rockin’ the purple shadow?

Fun stuff, fun stuff.


discovered these little beauties in the checkout line at sephora.

They make great stocking stuffers!

Rosy cheeks never go out of style so give the gift of Tarte’s mini cheek stains! 3 glamorous shades in an adorable rhinestone covered set.

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