Judith Leiber

As of lately I’ve been obsessed with everything thats gem-covered.

While wandering through J.crew one day I stumbled onto a gold glitter covered clutch that vaguely reminded me of Judith Leiber’s work.

A lot of her clutches are just completely covered in Austrian crystals….Talk about bling.

The peacock is one of my favorites

Crazy right? For around….5300$ it can be yours.

That beehive is sooo cute. Although I don’t think I could take myself very seriously walking around all dressed up with a 5000$ pink dolphin in my hand…

One of my other favorites is the camel. If I had 6 grand to burn I would definitely buy it.

I would wear it with EVERYTHING its that cool.

On our way home from shopping the traffic was terrible so we stopped to get dinner while traffic died.

We went to a little place called Petite Provence. This little French Boulangerie and Patisserie that was super cute.

I couldn’t believe how busy it was that night.

I love the atmosphere in this place there’s also balcony seating to the right.

I love eating up there and having a view of the whole restaurant.

They had tons of yummy things on display. I wanted to buy it all.

My mom and I split a Salmon Salad that had pieces of fresh bread, italian mint pesto and tons of fresh lintels on it.

It was so big! I couldn’t even finnish it!

The meringues they had were super cute too. I wish I liked meringue more because I totally would’ve bought one.

There was one frog in the display case that was PERFECT….the penguins were kind of trashed though.

I ended up getting a cookie after dinner…

I’m off to run to Target. We need a different candle for the fireplace. Christmas decorating has commenced and I’m already filled with holiday cheer.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was SPECTACULAR! I know I ate so much that I didn’t eat anything for two days after that..



Judith Leiber also has a few things she’s done for hello kitty.

Definitely my favorite although I think I’d be just as happy with one of her cute hello kitty compacts.

Don’t you think?


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  1. Tara

    those are the cutest cookies ever 🙂

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