10 Days till Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently….The rains been screwing with our internet connection..

However, we’ve started decorating for Christmas and the house is finally filled with Christmas cheer.

The wreaths are my favorite part

I also put Christmas ornaments on our kitchen bonzai tree =)

What I decided to wear today:

Bought this Coach necklace like last year, still one of my favorite things =)

heh, happy face wine.

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the ah-mazing hot pink L’wren Scott mini dress Sarah Jessica Parker rocked at the “Did you hear about the Morgan’s?” Premiere in London. For those of you who haven’t I’m glad I get to share with you.

I think its one of her best looks yet. Those Charlotte Olympia platforms are killer.

A+ Sarah, A+



I was at the grocery store the other day and ran across a Kiwano, the mystical fruit that’s been eluding me for years.

So I bought it and took it home, and cracked it open.

What I saw was very disturbing. I may never recover.

What does this exotic fruit that came out of california taste like?

Slimy sour soap jelly.

Quite possibly one of the worst tastes ever.

They also remind me of tadpoles. I don’t wanna eat a spoonful of tadpoles. Do you? P.S.S.

The newest addition to our Christmas decorations is the our springy Santa:


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