7 days till Christmas!

The Tiffany and Co commercial on their home page makes me so happy. everyone should watch it….

Schools finally out, there’s less than a week till Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.

Can I say something?

Boob job or no boob job Blake Lively looks fantastic. Everyone needs to stop freaking, its not like she went Dolly Parton! That Versace dress she wore at the emmys this year was perfection:

Lately all I’ve been able to think about is shopping.

And whenever I think about shopping this editorial from the October issue of Elle Spain comes to mind.

I decided that I don’t want a car. I just want a vespa. Something Tiffany & Co. blue and white.

Something….like this:

Who knows I might just have to snag that crazy bejeweled helmet. ; )

While I’m in San Diego for Christmas we’re going on a huge shopping spree.

I need help thinking of what to buy, I know I’ll be picking some Wayfarers up from the Colorize collection. (Black/Yellow all the way baby!)

But other than that and probably a Juicy charm (I’ve had my eye on the limited edition present box for a while now) …I can’t think of anything specific.

Anybody got any ideas? I’d love to hear what other people have on their Christmas lists.

Being a compulsive list maker myself I have many Christmas lists but none that are practical at all.

I like to call them dream lists..considering most include the names:

Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo…

But a cute Betsey Johnson dress could be in my future?

My top 3 Betsey Johnson’s I would scoop up in a heart beat:



and #3 (probably one of my favorite Betsey’s of ALL time)

(The back is my favorite!)

So..I’m kind of a sequins/sparkle fiend….but if your gonna go Betsey go big or go home right?

I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight.



Starbucks is the best place to buy Christmas CD’s they’re compilations are the best. Ever.

The one from a few years ago ( ’06 I think?) is my favorite I listen to it all the time. Like right now.


Favorite Tweet of all time:

“Chanel is an institution, and you have to treat an institution like a whore- and then you get something out of her.”

-Karl Lagerfeld


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  1. Felicity

    That bestsey johnson dress thats teall would look the best on you I think. you picked the best dresses! Theres some preeeetty ugly dresses out by betsey..like this purple one with like roses taking up the skirt. BLECK i wish she made more cutery dresses

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