6 days till christmas

Anybody seen the crazy snow storm pictures from all over the East coast?



Craaaaazy, I want snow like that! Too bad snow hates Vancouver.

I guess they’re building an H&M in Portland! I can’t wait, they’re putting it in Pioneer place which is one of the nicest malls we have up here.

I think holidays call for red cocktail dresses, the best I’ve seen so far is this Aidan Mattox dress:

Some of the new mugs at Starbucks are pretty cute!

I still love the one my cousin gave me a few years ago. It’s nice and big too. =)

The ones from last year were really cute too. They were city themed:

Chicago’s probably my favorite.

Since I’m heading to sunny California I’ll be buying more sunglasses (they’re my weakness, you can never have to many.)

Some favorites:

the wayfarers

Butterfly Prada’s

I think everyone needs a pair of aviators. =)

Covergirl cosmetics has been earning some serious brownie points with me lately.

First making lashblast marscara hot pink and sparkly, now they’ve introduced “Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blasts”.

One ends an eyeshadow and ones a liner but both are creamy so you could use both sides for either which is nice.

I may be scooping some up soon.



I almost forgot about Venice’s Snow storm.


I stumbled onto these things called ‘Shuellas’ and I think that whoever invented them should win the nobel peace prize..

They come in a variety of colors (I think the yellow and the hot pink are cutest)

And when you get inside you can put them in your purse.

They fold up flat and come with a little zipper pouch to put them in so they fit in your purse really easily.


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2 responses to “6 days till christmas

  1. Jackie

    looooove the Mattox dress very holiday esc.SHUELLAS! ohhhhh my gosh that is like the best invention EVER.

  2. Merissa

    I vote butterfly pradas alll the way girl. they will look ultra fantastical on your pretty face 😉 good luck choosin;

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