It started snowing yesterday…

We currently have about 4 inches of snow of the ground.

I guess we got that White Christmas after all, it was just a little late. = )

Lacoste booties, Dooney & Bourke bag, Abercrombie jean jacket, Abercrombie flannel shirt (a men’s section find)

Random skinnys from…Nordstroms?

I love wearing guy shirts, especially ones from Abercrombie. Super soft and the smell ah-mazing for like a week.

Finally have a jean jacket!  I’ve never had a jean jacket before and have been trying to hunt down a good one for a while.

Another gem I scooped up in Cali?

Mohair Leopard print flats, from Anne Taylor.

They’re perfect. I adore them.

I stumbled onto this editorial from Vogue Paris featuring one of my favorite models Daria Werbowy.

Goooood stuff.

I really want a new pair of Betsey Johnson studs…I’m thinkin’ Ladybugs.

But the frogs are so cute..

….decisions decisions…

I’m off to go eat.



The motel down the street from us on Coronado had a fun sign that I always forget to take pictures of but finally remembered this year.



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5 responses to “Snow!

  1. Sara

    I really like that Dooney and Bourkes bag I didn’t know they made it in a zebra print. I like your mix in prints.

  2. Jackie

    I think i might have stayed at that hotel…the one with the swimming girl sign…great snow pictures. simply adore red lips on you.

  3. Merissa

    I love those flats! and Daaayum Daria looks so cut in this!

  4. Sarah

    the contrast in jean fabric from your jacket and your pants looks rally nice together!!!!!

  5. Alysa

    Shopping in the mens section! tooootally didn’t even like think of that. GENIOUS!

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