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I should probably only be posting these once a week.

But there so relaxing to make I couldn’t do just one.

Oh Lady Gaga what are we going to do with you.

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend.



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In Love with Valentino

New couture Valentino show as promised. I love it because it’s so different for Valentino.

To me I see Valentino as gorgeous and structured and just bam goddess. And this show is soo crazy and flowy and loose.

I can’t think of a Valentino show this crazy. Fall ’05 and ’06 were pretty cool still really structured. Then there was Spring ’08 which was sooooo “My fair lady chic” it blew my mind.

But nothing like this. (the pant looks are my favvvvvvorite! and the red dress)

Back from the gym.

Sadly couldn’t play any tennis because a bucket of rain was dumped on Vancouver today.

Oh well.

So I bought these satin heels a while ago from Nordstrom. They’re just Nordstrom Platinum heels.

Nothing too special but there definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet.

I always feel amazing stomping around in these.



Seriously wanna buy this Rebecca Taylor corset dress.

Couldn’t you just see it with a light wash jean jacket, some aviators, reddish brown leather oxford heels? maybe some black nylons?

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Weekly Inspiration Board #1

An inspriation board for the week….

Finals are finally over, thank god.

I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

I’m off to the gym..gotta get some tennis practice in.

Once I get home i’ll post the Valentino couture show.


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All Black

Was having one of those simple casual days.


Ann Taylor Jacket, Kenneth Cole Watch and Heels, Ralph Lauren loose black V-neck,

Rayban sunglasses and Dooney bag were borrowed from mom, plus the usual Grane skinnies.

I love the wooden heels of these shoes, and the thick rubber on the bottom is great for the rainy weather.

We baked cinnamon roles since it’s finals week and I’m eating my anxiety…

Managed to pull off a ‘B’ on my Bio final. World history tomorrow..oh joy.

Love these juicy rings.

And I would love to share the whole Dior couture show but sadly there are too many to stuff onto a post.

The Chanel show was overboard enough. So I will share my top 5 looks.

Too fun.

Off to finish comp homework.


Song of the night:

“Under the Gun” – Supreme Beings of Leisure


I may end up sharing the Valentino Couture show some time this weekend because it’s so awesome.

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Couture Update

While snacking late last night I flipped through some of the Couture shows for spring this year that have come out.

Among the few were Christian Dior, Armani Prive, Alexis Mabille,  Anna Valerie Hash, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gartier and


I loved the pre-fall 2010 Chanel show, but this couture show blew me away because I hate pastels.

Like REALLY hate pastels, so when I found out they were in for this season I was sooo nawt happy.

That salmon dress in perfection.

Sorry it’s so image heavy.
Couldn’t resist this show.

Hope everyone’s having a good day.

I’m off to lunch,


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I Would Die For Some Godiva

What I wore today


Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, Bebe leather jacket, Kenneth Cole watch,

Grane skinnies, American eagle scarf, Saints and Sailors suede ankle boots and

spring green Merona sweater.

First green thing to enter my closet, is this spring green cable knit v-neck sweater.

Wayyyyyy too cold today…just found out my AP history finals tommorow. Awesome.

Looks like the Kardashians will have to wait.

So we got a godiva catalog in the mail and whats on the front page?

Limited Edition Pink Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes!!

Could definitely use some while I study.

I’m off to review the French revolution.



Those Louboutin’s I mentioned the other day?

Did I tell you they come in a GLITTER version!!

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Late starts are so nice.

It was semi-sunny today so I decided to wear a skirt even though it was 51 outside.


Fansisco Biasia orange hobo, Guess heels, american eagle jean shirt, boutique lace cami,

Floral skirt from target and random necklace.

Such a cute floral.

And these are still by far the comfiest heels I own.

Hot pink Valentino bag? I think sooo.

I was looking through a back issue of Harpers Bazaar in Comp today (The January issue I think?) and loved the Kate Hudson editorial.

Favorite shots:

She. Is. Adorable.

And that Atelier Versace gown she’s wearing in the middle shot is incredible.


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