Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe it’s 2010 already…2009 was great but I’m glad to see it go.

Picked up this vintage Jessica McClintock at a great thrift store in Portland called ‘Red Light’ while I was out with some friends.

The only velvet dress I own…

I pulled it off the rack as a joke but then zipped it up and looked in the mirror and realized what a great dress it really is.

Worn with Betsey Johnson heels, Crystal chandelier earrings and a random gold clutch.

I decided I had to show you more of the pre-fall shows for this year, because I went back over the shows that are out and realized how much the Carolina Herrera show and Jason Wu show just blew me away.

The Jason Wu show and Burberry show were my two favorite neutral shows. J’adore!

The dresses are incredible, the first look is definitely my favorite. The coat itself is my favorite.

(I have a weakness for structered navy coats.)

Love all the ribbed tights.

My new years resolution is to save up for a Louis Speedy. I’m thinking a 30 in the Damier canvas.

I like to think it’s a little less LOOK AT MY LOUIS and i’ve always preferred the checker print to the monogram.

I think it all started when I was at the beach.

I stopped in a gelato shop and this woman with perfect swoopy white hair (very Meryl Streep, Devil wears Prada esc.) and tortoise shell wayfarers was carrying this big Damier Checkered Louis drawstring tote that was just heaven struck up a conversation with me and she reminded me so much of who I wanted to be the Damier Louis became the only acceptable Louis.

Wish me luck.

One of the guys my father works with came over to deliver some gear and brought his ah-dorable little dog, Farley.

And I have to say he is one of the cutest little spazz dogs I’ve ever seen he just ran around our house for like an hour.

Hope everyone had a great New Years.



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8 responses to “2010!!!


  2. Allison

    Go for the frogs. I loved her jungle collection

  3. Steph

    that dress is amazing

  4. Tracey

    and cuuuuuuuuuute dog! what kind is he?

  5. Tracey

    That dress is fantastic, I’ve never seen a neckline like that before.

  6. Sara

    I love you choice on Louis, very classic and I do agree a the checker print isn’t as obvious and I think it looks more expensive =)

  7. Quinn

    I’m soooo glad you posted the Wu show. I can’t find it anywhere but have heard amazing things about it and can certainly see why πŸ˜‰ the betsey shoes are bangin’ and I would loooove to know where you bought your ear bling. you. are. GOR-GEOUS

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