Biology is not my friend…..Finals are next week.

I am soooo nawt prepared.

What I wore today:

Rayban wayfarers, Givenchy pearls, Kenneth Cole watch, Dooney & Bourke bag (stolen from mom),

Nordstrom tuxedo jacket (BP section), Abercrombie sweater, J. Crew tank, Jeans I decided to rip up and borrowed heels.

First day in Vancouver I’ve been able to wear sunglasses. Granted it is January.

However, January has a way of lasting till July around here.

Heh, posin’ with the bug.

Did anyone watch the golden globes the other day?

I managed to catch Drew Barrymore’s frazzled acceptance mini-speech. She’s so cute. I thought her crazy dress was a good personality match.

Fav dress of the night?

PENELOPE CRUZ! In Georgio Armani Prive.

Amazing right? Penelope Cruz can definitely pull off horizontal stripes.

Well I’m off to make some guacamole.



I thin I’m gonna start looking for some knee high (or possibly thigh high?) boots…something suede in a gray or maybe deep navy or eggplant.

Saw some cute coach ones on Kelly the other day. We’ll see!

Louis fund is currently at $ 52.70! Getting closer…kind of…. hah!


Also looking for a new springy nail polish. Essie’s new:




could be goooooood.


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