All Black

Was having one of those simple casual days.


Ann Taylor Jacket, Kenneth Cole Watch and Heels, Ralph Lauren loose black V-neck,

Rayban sunglasses and Dooney bag were borrowed from mom, plus the usual Grane skinnies.

I love the wooden heels of these shoes, and the thick rubber on the bottom is great for the rainy weather.

We baked cinnamon roles since it’s finals week and I’m eating my anxiety…

Managed to pull off a ‘B’ on my Bio final. World history tomorrow..oh joy.

Love these juicy rings.

And I would love to share the whole Dior couture show but sadly there are too many to stuff onto a post.

The Chanel show was overboard enough. So I will share my top 5 looks.

Too fun.

Off to finish comp homework.


Song of the night:

“Under the Gun” – Supreme Beings of Leisure


I may end up sharing the Valentino Couture show some time this weekend because it’s so awesome.


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  1. Haha! I just saw the all caps and thought you were rellay ticked off about your internet problem:) JK! I’m sure we all can understand! Thanks for offering your creativity for us all am currently working on a Bali break shirt for my daughter:)

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