In Love with Valentino

New couture Valentino show as promised. I love it because it’s so different for Valentino.

To me I see Valentino as gorgeous and structured and just bam goddess. And this show is soo crazy and flowy and loose.

I can’t think of a Valentino show this crazy. Fall ’05 and ’06 were pretty cool still really structured. Then there was Spring ’08 which was sooooo “My fair lady chic” it blew my mind.

But nothing like this. (the pant looks are my favvvvvvorite! and the red dress)

Back from the gym.

Sadly couldn’t play any tennis because a bucket of rain was dumped on Vancouver today.

Oh well.

So I bought these satin heels a while ago from Nordstrom. They’re just Nordstrom Platinum heels.

Nothing too special but there definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet.

I always feel amazing stomping around in these.



Seriously wanna buy this Rebecca Taylor corset dress.

Couldn’t you just see it with a light wash jean jacket, some aviators, reddish brown leather oxford heels? maybe some black nylons?


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  1. As I stubbled upon your blog, I really enjoyed reading your posts! I like your little additions to your pictures as it also gives me ideas for my fashions. I hope that you can give my blog a look as I would really appreciate it 🙂

    I will be looking forward to your future blogs !

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