Some fun stuff from coach, but first a picture to ponder.

Some crazy Alexander Mcqueen shit going on up in here.

Is it just me or in the past…..year and a half? Or so?

Coach has gone from Stuffy Soccer Mom to Bubbly and Bright Teen…

This cute Minty tote may become my new school bag since sadly the purple miss marc tote didn’t work out.

This ah-dorable tote comes in a few different versions.

Cherry, Lemon, Pinky and Pepper. All of which are suuper cute and are the perfect school bag size.

I hope you all watched the grammys! Just when I thought Lady Gaga couldn’t get any crazier she pulls this spikey…clutch? Out.

The crazy Armani gown is definitely one that won’t be forgotten.

I think the hair bow was my favorite look.

Happy February!



A quote for the day.

“When in doubt wear red!”

-Bill Blass


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  1. Tasha

    when I saw the first picture my skin crawled – I hate snakes and when I saw the second picture…well…what can I say, it’s Lady GaGa and there isn’t much to say lol….I do however like her music

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