The life of a traffic cone.

Scooped up a quilted Calvin Klein coat while I was out today.

I think it’s hysterical… and very warm.

Worn with weekend wear!

My old man house shoes (minnetonka moccasins) some skinnies and a  gray t-shirt

And I believe I shared part of this editorial last year…but I can’t help posting all of it again.

Because not only is it my favorite story (alice) with my favorite model (Natalia Vod.) shot by my favorite photographer (Annie!)

It also has some of my favorite people ever in it..

example 1, the white rabbit? TOM FORD!

example 2, the caterpillar? MARC JACOBS!we all know the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld.The chesire cat? Why, Jean Paul Gaultier of course!Viktor and Rolf are Tweedle-dee and Tweedle dumStephen Jones (the Mad Hatter) and Christian Lacroix (the March Hare)And perhaps my favorite shot of the bunch with John Galliano as the Queen of Hearts and Alexis Roche as the KingBut we couldn’t leave out Donatella Versace and Rupert Everett as the Mock Turtle and the Gryphonand Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga takes the place of Dina Alice’s ah-dorable kitty cat.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday!



found an old black cashmere scarf i’ve been looking for, for the past EVER. So happy because all of my scarf seem to disappear.


favorite picture of Ashley Olson ever..


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3 responses to “The life of a traffic cone.

  1. ahh, i love this alice in wonderland set ! cant wait for the movie and this is such an inspiration for my fashion!

    • How you make your smore is how I make mine. With those delicious cooeiks and mini marshmellows. In fact made them for FHE on Monday. YUM! (you can always add reeses peanut butter chips to some as well)

  2. LOVE THE BLOG! keep it up. 😀 please check out my blog at

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