Happy Chinese New Year!

…and Valentines day

Well kids I don’t know how the Chinese planned the New Year to be on Valentines Day but it just happened to work out that way.

It’s the year of the tiger this year! whooooo..

I threw an inspiration board up…kind of summarizes my thoughts for this week.

Went shopping today with my gorgeous danish friend Kathrine. I scooped up another men’s plaid flannel shirt,

some victorias secret sweats and an angora leopard print cardigan.

I can finally check leopard print cardigan off my list, I’m sooo psyched.

Unfortunately I saw my dream Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at Nordstorm…..held it, pet it, carried it….and HATED IT.

I might cry. However, we’ll see what Monday shopping with mother holds. Hopefully some new stilettos.

I’m thinking something red and something Burberry.

I’ve decided my new thing is vintage beaded bolero’s from the 80’s (we came back from dinner and the auction had ended like 10 minutes before we got home it killed me.)

I’ve always loved the look of marni wedges…some day when I track a pair down i’m going to buy them on spot.

And as for my purse crisis, it’s going to take a while to get over this bag and frankly I don’t know if I’ll recover.

Hope everyone’s Chinese New Year/ Valentines day is ah-mazing!



That crazy sequined coach satchel I’ve mentioned dozens of times?

It’s comes in pink and red. A perfect valentines day present if I do say so myself.

culprit #1:

And their twin sister, culprit #2:

I think somethings wrong with me because this is the fourth time in a row Peter Frampton’s “Baby I love your way” has graced my crappy laptop speakers.


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