Sooo glad it’s the weekend I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have a break.


Givenchy Chocolate Pearls, Kenneth Cole watch, Betsey Johnson earrings, Raybans (thanks ma),

Random button-up, Joelle’s jeans, Saints and Sailors wedges and a Blazer from Victoria’s secret that I bought in San Diego a couple years ago.

Almost threw these out the other day, then I realized that they were the only red shoe I have to work with.

Hopefully that’ll change when we go shopping tomorrow. After two weekends of ditching me I finally backed my Mother into a corner this weekend to go since they finally published. (Victory! haha!!)

Just got done watching the hangover again…I forget how funny that movie is.

“We can’t leave the baby here, there’s a f#*%ing tiger in the bathroom”

Goooooood stuff. Hah, had the most relaxing Saturday. Grabbed a latté with my boyfriend and lounged around all day.

Doesn’t even look like Betsey Johnson to me! I love it but I didn’t even recignize it.

Well Kids, busy day tommorow….I’m off to bed!



I’ve changed nail colors like 8,000 times this week. Minty candy apple to Lilacism to Gargantuine Green Grape and am currently wearing Pop Art Pink. I think I’ll try Tart Deco tomorrow. So far I love the Lilacism the best!

And another thing:

Juicy Couture has some cute new charms out.

Favorite is definitely the tea pot

HEART SHAPED SUNNIES? I think sooooooo


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