Weekly inspiration board #4

Shopping trip was huuuugely successful! Managed to scoop up a L.A.M.B cardigan, a cute Betsey Johson necklace and tons of other goodies! (which I will share very soon.) I’m so happy washington square added a fro-yo place.

Non dairy and Fat free, they know me too well.

The cherry blossom trees in Portland are starting to bloom and it’s gorgeous.

I’ve been saying it for years.

“Bebe + Kim Kardashian” and it finally happened.

A few shots from the collaboration:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



tried on a hundred pairs of aviators today and as much as I wanted to buy the Pucci ones they just weren’t quite right, ended up with some silly pink F21 ones that were $ 5.40, hah!

Goodnight kids



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  1. Etelecata

    Divert inform appropriate me to beget pool

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