Big girl pants?


We’re starting to plant flowers in all of the patio pots

I’m so excited!


L.A.M.B. cardigan, Betsey Johnson earrings and necklace, Raybans, Abercrombie jeans, Kenneth Cole watch,

Random gray shirt and Anne Michelle heels.

Pretty relaxed today, L.A.M.B. cardigan!! When did that happen? Defffffinitely the best find of the day yesterday.

I found the jeans on sale at abercrombie 10 minutes before the mall closed while my mom was buying gadgets in Williams-Sonoma they were the last 0 in the store!

Also found a replacement school bag at j.crew

It’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Only $ 10 at your local J.crew!

We hit up the grilled cheese grill, so sooo good

I had a hot brie which consists of ham, brie cheese, spicy mustard, grilled bell peppers, and tomatoes, on sourdough!

It reminded me of kindergarten..

My juicy bag needs some sort of ornament since the one it came with is ridiculous and I refuse to run around with a cowbell I think this will do nicely

Just came across Heidi Klums Golden Globe dress this year….

and to be honest I don’t even really know what to do with it. I always forget she’s married to Seal.

Happy Monday Kids,



Fantastic Plastic Machine. Listen.


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